About EDspaces Insights


Today’s fast-paced environment requires timely and actionable information, along with analysis to understand how developments in pedagogy, technology, and the education industry impact learning environments.
EDspaces Insights offers the power of research and articles by recognized industry experts delivers an insightful, comprehensive view of the trends and influences that are shaping educational facilities today — and tomorrow.  

About Us

EDspaces Insights is produced by the Education Market Association (EDmarket) whose mission is to 
connect people who want to succeed in the education market by providing events, resources and leadership to those who serve education.

The purpose of EDspaces Insights is to help education stakeholders increase knowledge of facility best practices and develop a deep understanding of effective methods for maintaining and developing learning environments. Each monthly issue includes trends and focused features covering a wide range of issues about planning, design, financing, construction, capital improvement, maintenance, and operations. 

Learn more about how you can contribute, email Adrienne Dayton at adayton@edmarket.org

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