Oct 10, 2019

Activate Classroom Design

An Interview with Andrea Durbin, NCIDQ, IIDA, MA+ Architecture

Vendor partners: KI Furniture, Milliken

What was your concept in designing this classroom?
We wanted to design a classroom that would encourage movement during the learning process.

What role does technology play in the space?
The classroom features wireless microphones and speakers allowing more flexibility to the presenters.

How does the design and technology plan encourage attendee interaction?
The classroom design features flexible furniture that allow people to move within the furniture as well as within the space. The sensory paths at the back of the classroom encourage movement to disperse built up energy and stimulate the area of the brain that retains information.

How does the choice of furniture impact the space?
The furniture was a crucial part of the design. The wide range of colors and flexibility of each of the pieces were major contributions to the ‘active’ classroom idea.

What do the flooring choices say about your classroom?
The carpet tile with a cushion backing creates a soft and inviting environment for students to learn, while the LVT at the back of the space adds an additional area for movement and play.

How will this space work for presenters?
The presenters will be able to move freely throughout the space using the wireless technology. The flexible furniture can be reconfigured for group or lecture type environments. Acoustic panels have been places throughout the space to help achieve an acoustically pleasant atmosphere.

What do you see as the largest benefit of being chosen as a design team winner?

We are honored to have the opportunity to serve the design and education community by allowing them to ‘think outside the box’ with us.

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