Jun 19, 2018

Positive Impact of Flexible Learning Spaces

 Webinar: The Positive Impact of Flexible Learning Spaces: A Transnational Story

Recorded Webinar Presentation by
Sinan Kerimofski, Principal at Vasse Primary School, Vasse, Western Australia

Principal and international speaker Sinan Kerimofski takes participants on a journey detailing the shift from traditional learning environments to flexible learning spaces and the positive impact on students and educators. 

Based in Australia, Sinan has been using his leadership role in multiple schools to transform pedagogy and the spaces in which learning takes place. Most recently he has initiated the transformation of a heritage school building into a contemporary learning space to foster 21st-century skills. The result has been increased engagement from students; empowered educators; and a flourishing wider community.

"We try to focus mainly on our positives on the walls. We don’t want it smattered with what’s coming up here or there or anything like that, or promotional material. We keep it for some functional, operational type stuff," says Sinan.

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